Karate for Kids
Give your children a gift that will last a lifetime.
Develop confidence, coordination, focus and friendships
Grow Confidence

For most of us, confidence is everything.  Karate is the perfect environment for children to develop deep confidence that will help them throughout their life.

As they learn new skills and progress through the belts you will see meaningful changes to their self-esteem.

JKS Luton Children Interacting
Develop Physical & Mental Skills

Karate is about both the body and the mind.  Your child will develop physical  coordination, fitness and strength naturally through karate training which will help them at school and beyond.

A karate class is also a well controlled environment that helps children to develop focus, concentration and discipline.  These are skills that help at home, at school and for a lifetime.

JKS Luton Children Fitness
JKS Luton Focus Children

Build Friendships

Karate is a supportive and respectful environment.  We find that the bonds developed in the dojo between the students (and often the parents) are ones that endure.

The dojo is the perfect environment to develop social contact and friends away from the traditional educational settings such as schools.

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