Karate for Families
Classes for the whole family to experience and enjoy together.
Something For The Whole Family

Karate is the perfect family activity as everyone gains from the experience.

By is very nature, karate is inclusive.  This means children and adults can learn skills side by side and support each other through the journey.  Everyone can learn at their own pace.  

We find that sometimes children are quicker to pick up skills, and sometimes it is their parents.  It doesn't matter as everyone progresses when they are ready.

More importantly, both parents and children get fit, gain confidence and feel better about themselves in the process.

Family Fun
A Common Experience

There are very few sporting activities where families can share experiences training together.  In karate, families can learn new Kata (a pre-set series of moves) together, or maybe a new kick.  These experiences and memories last a lifetime.

As families get more skilled, sometimes they decide to compete on go on competition weekends in various cities in the UK, either to take part or support one another.

Karate has so much to offer.

Family Training

Something To Share Through the Ages

Whether children are primary school age, teenagers or young adults, karate can be a constant in a family's life - something to bring everyone together.

As children grow up and become adults, we find that "karate families" still meet up either to train or compete even when life or work spreads them over the country.

It is truly a life-enhancing activity.

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