Chief Instructor Mark Slattery
5th Dan
Over Two Decades of Experience

JKS Luton was established by Sensei Mark Slattery, 5th Dan.

Mark began karate in January 1999 and has been training for over 20 years.

He passed his Shodan (Black Belt - 1st Dan) in 2005, Nidan (2nd Dan) in 2008, Sandan (3rd Dan) in 2012 , Yondan in 2015 (4th Dan) and Godan (5th Dan) in 2018. Mark has travelled and competed all over the world.

Sensei Mark in Japan

Sensei Mark Competing

An Inspirational Journey

Mark is known to those around him as a confident, driven and highly accomplished martial artist.  As both a kata and kumite champion Mark has shown mastery of both the art and combat aspects of karate. 

However, Mark started his karate journey because his experience of life at that time was very much different from how it is now.

Sensei Mark grew up in Luton. As a youngster he struggled to make friends which resulted in him being bullied at school because he didn’t fit in.

After a lot of abuse and bullying from his fellow students his mum and dad decided he needed something to focus on and build new friendships. He joined karate in 1999 at the age of 9 this was the beginning of sometime very special for him.  Soon karate became his main passion .

After being involved with karate for a little bit of time Mark's confidence become greater and greater.  Karate helped him make genuine, enduring friendships and give him the confidence to stand up to his bullies.

Mark's school life changed dramatically after joining karate.  His confidence grew, he found his stride, and he finally felt like he belonged.

Karate hasn’t only gave him the opportunity to meet new friends in his home town, it has given him friends all over the world. He has travelled to many different countries to compete in competitions and attend technical semiars.

After 20+ years and many, many hours in the dojo  Mark decided it was time to pass his knowledge and experience of karate on to his own students and opened up a karate club in Luton .

Mark prides himself on his dojo which has a warm, kind and welcoming atmosphere where everyone can come and train, meet new friends, grow in confidence and reach a high level of karate.

Karate has given so much to Mark, and through JKS Luton, Mark is determined to give those same opportunities to others.

A Selection of Competitive Achievements

5 time KWF UK Kata & Kumite Champion 
(2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014)

2nd Place KWF European Team Kumite Champion (Italy 2008)

Semi Finals KWF World Kumite 2015 (Denmark)

2 time Legends Kumite Champion 2007 & 2009

Gold Medal -  Kumite JSKA (Germany)

2 time Kumite Champion - Ayrshire Open  2013 & 2015

Sensei Mark Trophies