Frequently Asked Questions
Who will teach me?

The Chief Instructor at the dojo is Mark Slattery, 5th Dan.

You can read Mark's impressive karate background and what karate means to him here: About our Chief Instructor

Mark is First Aid qualified, has Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks, and has completed a safeguarding course.

Where will I train?

Our training location can be viewed here: How to find us

What is the minimum age?

Currently our students must be 6 years or older to train.

What will training involve?

Your training focus on three karate fundamentals: kihon (basic techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).  

As you learn and train you will improve your speed, strength, fitness and flexibility.

As we are part of the world-renowned JKS organisation, we follow the JKS Syllabus which can be viewed here:

How much does training cost?

We keep our prices reasonable and affordable for all. Karate is not an expensive activity compared to other sports where you need lots of equipment. You just need to pay your class fees, have a valid licence and a karate Gi (suit) to practise in. 

Visit our Training Costs page for our current price list.
How do I measure my progress?

In karate you start out as a white belt, which is also known as a 10th Kyu.  As you develop your skills your instructor (also known as a Sensei) will allow you to take part in a grading to earn your next belt.  

As you gain more skills you will make your way through the various coloured belts from 10th Kyu to 1st Kyu.

At that point you will be ready for your 1st Dan, otherwise known as the Black Belt.

How long will it take me to achieve my Black Belt?

You can earn a Black Belt in a minimum of 3 years.  This timescale is only achieved by the most dedicated students who train at least twice per week.  Most recreational students earn their 1st Dan in 4-5 years.  A 5th Dan such as our Chief Instructor will have at least 20 years of experience and dedication.

Will I be able to take part in competitions?

At JKS Luton we provide quality opportunities for those who want to pursue the competitive side of karate.

Each year we run a closed competition just for our members to give them a taste of what competition feels like in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Outside of that we support our members through a wide variety of competitive opportunities ranging from local competitions to national and international competitions.  Each year some of our members take part in the JKS Nationals in Nottingham, and all our members have the opportunity to try out for the JKS England National Team.

For those that compete we find that both the individuals and parents often enjoy the travelling to competitions, the thrill of the competitive environment and the camaraderie with other students and parents. 

With Sensei Mark's competitive track record and experience, they are in good hands.